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COMING SOON! Save your favorite bars to create your own custom happy hours list. See all the places you want to go to and skip the ones you don't.

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Dog-Friendly Bars in Grand Rapids: Summer 2017 Edition

Updated for the summer of 2017, we present Beer O’Clock GR’s “Dog-Friendly Bars in GR” list. With Senate passing a law to allow dogs on restaurant patios, we have expanded our list for the newcomers.  Thanks so much to all of our fans on the Beer O’Clock Facebook page, as well as all the bars who are allowing our furry friends onto their patios.

Look for this list to update as more bars wise up, and as we get new information. Have we missed one? Let us know in the comments.

NOTE: Dogs are only allowed on patios. Even these forward-thinking bars will not be pleased if you parade Fido through the dining room.


1. Putt Putt’s


One of the few gems on the west side, Put Putts has a dog-friendly bar, as long as they’re not too busy and your dog remains on a leash. This spot is great for day drinking, or night, plus the food and beer is cheap.

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Neighborhood: West Side Fulton



2. The Mitten Brewing Co.


Known for their great pizza and beer, Mitten Brewing Co. is one of the most down-to-earth brews you can go to. Low beer snob quotient here, and the staff is always very friendly. Bring your dog here and the staff will probably feed your dog too (probably not, but they’re super laid-back!)

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Neighborhood: Near West Side


3. Big Bob’s Pizza


The self-proclaimed “Cheers of the east side”, this bar features pizza and beer (aka the two best things in the world). Add in bringing your dog to this wonderful establishment, and you have a holy trifecta.

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Neighborhood: Eastown


4. Z’S Bar and Restaurant

Z's Bar & Restaurant

Located across from the JW Mariott and next to Panera downtown, Zs offers awesome food and beer for a good price. People rave about the burgers, ribs, mac ‘n cheese, and strong drinks. This has a great divey atmosphere (that’s a good thing), and the patio is dog-friendly, so get some ribs and share with your pooch.

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Neighborhood: Downtown


5. One Trick Pony

one trick pony grand rapids dog friendly bars

This is a great little bar with a patio with no fence around it (that’s a big deal in urbanism terms — just ask The Salon). Decent beer selection and really quite good food. A nice place for a date or work function. And as of Summer 2014, a great place for you and your pooch to hang out on the patio fronting Fulton St. Dogs allowed 7 days a week.

 One Trick Pony Happy Hours and Daily Specials »
Neighborhood: Downtown


6. Hopcat

**UPDATE June 20, 2014,** Hopcat now has a sign up saying that pets are not allowed right now. Apparently, someone was sick of people having a good time and complained.

The best patio at which to sun yourself in the city, bar none. In the late afternoon and early evening, when the sun hits this one just right — damn! It’s as fine a summer experience as you can get. Grab one of the couches on the far end, put your feet up and get a light refreshing beer. You’re not going anywhere for a long while. Bonus: great people watching when there’s a summer event going on at the Van Andel Arena. Dogs allowed whenever the patio is open, though it gets psychotically busy, so they warn you against taking your large breed on a crazy Friday night. They also specifically say that you can bring cats, but they have to be on a leash.

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Neighborhood: DowntownIonia St. + Market South


7. Sundance Grill

With a new location (where Ottawa Tavern used to be) and a non-fenced patio (see, told you that was gonna be a big deal) Sundance Grill has a nice little setup. And they’re now dog-friendly. Hell yes. Our only gripe is that the traffic on Ottawa there can get a little loud and irritating. Otherwise, a great spot.

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Neighborhood: Downtown


8. Tavern on the Square

Tavern on the square dog friendly bars grand rapids

I love this patio. And it being dog-friendly makes it even better. Not many seats, so if you’re going on a weekend night, plan on showing up early to get one. Hat tip to Beer O’Clocker MattB for alerting us to this one in the comments.

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Neighborhood: Downtown, Ionia St. + Market South


9. Reserve Wine & Food

Reserve Wine & food patio

Stopped by Reserve’s swanky new patio recently, and let me tell you — it is a very fine place to have a drink. I had a really wonderful sparkling rosé, and what may be the city’s best French Dip sandwich. If you’re not afraid to drop a little coin, this place is a must go. And the added bonus is you can bring the pooch with you. He’ll definitely be into that French Dip.

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Neighborhood: Downtown


10. Mulligan’s (?)

Okay, so this has a question mark because we keep hearing anecdotal evidence that you can have dogs in Mully’s (provided it’s not a psychotically busy evening), but we haven’t got confirmation. We’ll keep working to get that for you.

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Neighborhood: Eastown