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COMING SOON! Save your favorite bars to create your own custom happy hours list. See all the places you want to go to and skip the ones you don't.

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COMING SOON! Save your favorite bars to create your own custom happy hours list. See all the places you want to go to and skip the ones you don't.

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Family Friendly Happy Hours Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Guides: 5 Best Family-Friendly Happy Hours

As parents of young children know, it’s not always easy finding the time to hit the town to tip back a cold one. The weekend bar scene tends to heat up at about the same time our beloved little wee ones are cashing out for the night, so coordinating that type of excursion is nigh impossible.

Luckily, there’s this spectacular time of day known as “Happy Hour” which provides the perfect situation by which a person can go out, indulge in a reasonably priced spirit, and be safely back at home all before the sun sets.

However, not all bars embody the specific prerequisite characteristics necessary to satiate the needs of beer-minded parent, as only certain Happy Hour locations are truly ideal for folks with kids. So check out our guide to the top Family Friendly happy hours in Grand Rapids, and get your drink on (responsibly, of course — think of the children).


1. Big Bob’s Pizza

Big Bob's Pizza Grand Rapids

Located in that quaint, mythological little neighborhood known as Gaslight Village, Big Bob’s Pizza embodies that family-friendly pizza parlor of yesteryear. You’ll be able to keep the kids occupied with a tasty slice of ‘za, while you sit back and indulge in $1.50 pint of beer. Or three.

Just make sure to get their early, because seating is limited and if you can’t get a spot you’ll be stuck eating greasy slice of Jet’s Pizza, drinking MD 20/20 from a brown paper bag down at John Collins Park.

Big Bob’s Happy Hours and Drink Specials ›


2. Brewery Vivant

Brewery Vivant Happy Hours and Daily Specials

If there is one universal truth, it’s that kids love French fries pretty much above all else. Help your wee little one’s expand their horizons by taking a trip Cherry Street’s favorite watering hole to scarf down some Belgian Frites (that’s how a European with a speech impediment says “Potato Wedge”). Your kids get their starch fix while you have the chance to savor a delicious happy hour brew.

Located in a renovated chapel, Brewery Vivant is a heavenly experience for parents looking to unwind. Get their early to avoid the rush and you’ll be rewarded with your ample space to park your brood. Happy Hour takes place Monday-Friday from 3:00-6:00 and features $2.00 off pitchers, so invite your friends and see how much Big Red Coq you can consume before passing out! For a PG-13 take on Brewery Vivant, you can read the review of our roving drunk, Ben.

Brewery Vivant Happy Hours and Bar Specials ›


3. El Barrio Mexican Grill

El Barrio Mexican Grill Happy Hours and Daily Specials

Free chips and salsa! New parents generally aren’t awash in extra cash, so anytime you can commandeer a free bar snack AND great drink specials, well, that’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Happy hour is from 3:00-6:00 PM, Monday-Friday, and includes such great deals as $2.00 well drinks and $2.75 bottles. Also, free chips and salsa!

El Barrio Happy Hours and Daily Specials ›


4. Mulligan’s Pub

Ha! Just kidding. There is no less appropriate place for children is the city. CPS is called the moment you go within 50 feet of the entrance with a child.


(Actual) 4. Rose’s

Rose's East Grand Rapids Happy Hours and Daily Specials

Another EGR entry, Rose’s appeals to both drink lovers and food connoisseurs. If your tummy’s grumbling, take advantage of 20 percent off appetizers and wood fired pizzas during Happy Hour. If your liver’s grumbling, order up one of their fantastic $2.99 drink specials (including select drafts, house wine, sangria, elite well, and cosmos).

Rose’s is a bit more fancy pants their your average Happy Hour joint, so this outing is best reserved for families with older kids, or for parents willing to administer generous doses of Children’s Sudafed just prior to dinner.


5. Twisted Rooster

Twisted Rooster Happy Hours and Daily Specials

This one is a bit outside where we personally head to, but with a Happy Hour that includes $2.00 wells and $2.00 drafts it’s well worth the journey. Located just South of Celebration! Cinema North, Twisted Rooster is the perfect spot to either unwind after an early afternoon matinee with the fam, or to liquor up before being forced to take your pre-tween to the see the next Justin Beiber concert film. #FML